ImproNuts, live impro

Interdisciplinary artistic collective of improvisation and research formed by Sonia PĂ©rez (dance and theater) Israel Paez (painting) and Juanjo Urbanski (music)

Zuk dance co.

Music compositions for the contemporary dance company of Itsaso A. Cano (choreographer & dancer).

2013 award ” Jovenes creadores, danza” by CAM, Spain.

Omos Uno, live impro

Artistic collective of dance and music improvisation created by Christiane Boulosa ( choreograper and dancer) and Juanjo Urbanski (musician) with the participation of David Morales (music) Elena Berrozpe (dance), Diana Bonilla (dance), Francesc Bravo (dance) and Pedro Santos (theatre & perfomance)


Album by Manuel F. Llorente aka PROMPT. Electronic Flamenco Fusion. I contributed with electric guitars and compositions.