Juanjo Urbanski was born in Madrid some years before from the very beginning of the Spanish Transition to democracy. He belongs to a generation where imagination and bravery was an endless resource for creativity. Since he was a child he started playing classical piano. When he became a teenager he was kept by popular music from the XX Century. At that time, he decided to swap his piano for his first electric guitar, then he went through the masters of blues and rock: Tom Waits provided him a new way of approaching music and he felt courageous enough to explore his own music ideas. Soon afterward, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin became his idols.

Somehow, Juanjo Urbanski moves his talents like the sea, new brave waves came to his ears when he listened to The Goldberg Variation´s played by Glenn Gould. During thousands of times of listening Bach´s compositions Urbanski decided to go back to his former roots and to play again the classical piano.

Lately, his musical landscape went beyond and he started to explore deeply John Cage music world. He enjoys so much Contemporary music and improvised music in real-time working with dancers playing at several venues.
Lots of wild and calm waters comes to Juanjo Urbanski music on the shore, many small wooden and metallic strip instruments from the World Music and their unique sounds were left on his scores. Moreover, he was born in Spain, we can not forget that, therefore his passion for the flamenco rhythms are present as well in Juanjo music world.
This musician is an artist from the moment he goes to bed in fact, quite late, to the moment he wakes up. His usual breakfast starts with some Bach Cantantas, after that, the coffee mug. When we listen to his creations we can swim among different inner worlds, full of ear sound images, we can feel storms, water waves, water drops from a rainy morning… The travel allows us to pass through emotive flamenco patios at summer nights, to feel our naked feet walking on the beach before a moonlight sea. To sum up, Urbanski music is a sensorial experience that once you hear you will never forget.

2010.Written by Vera Moreno.